Name Ledger

As a human being, we are more accustomed to remembering people by name rather than by an account address like n1HuE4L28GBecjv11oj9R7ZW3Hnv4k65LKe. So this dapp essentially tries to solves that problem In this DApp you can create a mapping from name to address and when people want to send NAS they can use this dapp to get the corresponding address and send it. Ideally, this will be handled by a web app or mobile app transparently. At least that is the hope. Think of this app as a domain name service for your name. Please contact me at :

DApp Information

  • Category:Other
  • Balance (24h):0.4 NAS
  • Users (24h):0
  • Volume (24h):0 NAS
  • Tx (24h):0

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