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WeVote is a way to provide a ranking to nebulasdapps based on developer or community voting. This would make it really transparent for the developers.


After the first couple of weeks we saw few developers having difference of opinions with respect to how the dapps were selected for winner positions. And its quite common to have difference of opinions on any platform :)

As a platform, Nebulas Team wants to make sure that the apps that get on the platform are really good and have quite a bit of interaction history.

The intention is good however since the platform is in its infancy it much harder to extrapolate the popularity of the dapp.

To solve this issue I thought of adding community voting where people can vote on their favorite DApps. This ranking would tend to cater more towards community sentiment of how well the app is built and if its solves a real problem. Some of the dapps are really good but given how many users are currently interacting they might not find immediate need for it. That doesn't mean the dapps don't deserve to win.

This smart contract will be a part of a bigger application(Nebulas DApps store)

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