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Author Reader & Rewards | 作者阅读和奖励


This a Platform where Authors can get money in the form NAS by providing Rewards in form of profit, Books copies, etc to the Readers.

It is a very tough process for authors to convince Publishers to invest money in their project and even if they convince some, then the cost(equity) is not according to their wish.

So, I thought, why not to come up with a platform, where Authors can influence readers on the Book content which they are writing and can promise rewards on book completion, if Readers do get attracted by the Author topic, then they can support the project and in return they will get the assured rewards making it a win-win situation for both the parties.

Information on using the Platform:

All Books: Here one can see all the Books ideas present to get funded. One can click on the description to know more about it or can click on Rewards to earn the prizes by donating the money, which will be later available on the Supporters page as a proof.

Supporters: One can see the Books he/she has supported along with the Rewards details and also can see the other people details who invested in the same book. (As the transaction is on Blockchain, so trust factors comes there.)

Create: This Page is for Authors, where they can create the campaign for their Book.

Favourite: Book liked by you will be available here.

My Books: Books created by Authors, will be here.

You could be a supporter in one and can be author for one on this Platform.

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