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Blockchain Diary


It’s a highly secure decentralized social networking app (DAPP) running on Nebulas Mainnet where you can:

1. Share your posts directly on Blockchain.

2. Search for and follow other users to get their latest updates on your timeline/feed.

3. Comment on your as well as other users’ posts.

4. Receive notifications about other users following you, commenting on your posts etc.

5. View your user profile settings and change them when you want.

6. Username is unique and everytime, someone tries to sign up or change settings, it is checked against the list of all the usernames to see if it's already existing.

7. Calls to the smart contract check for the wallet address used to execute the transaction. If it doesn't match the one stored in user settings, it will throw an error.

The powerpoint document which can be accessed either from the home page of the DAPP or from the github location provides all the information related to this DAPP.

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