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Xbay.io Opposite Headunting (DEMO)


I the future decentralized world, where democracy comes into play. Some people still want to stop the progress. Some country's governments still trying to control currencies and dapps as outcome. And this is the Problem.

Here the solution. - Xbay.io says to you swap your job.

If you want to be a part of the crypto revolution and currenty working for old government system, feeling pain. If you hate your job and we hate it too, because you have to love your job. If you want to change your job-life and live a new life. We have 10 000 XBT retirement bounty. Quit your old job, prove it to Xbay. Get first money and to help you life there will be some tasks in the app (those who can fit you, based on your old profession). Earn more money and spend it in our partners or trade them for currency that you need to spend in country you loved the most. Because now you can be independent of the state. Travel, investigate in the world

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